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Friday, June 03, 2005

Stargate SG:1-The Alliance

Heart of evrey fan on legendary serial Stargete SG1 should be pleased by reading info about prepared game Stargate SG1-The Alliance. Game will take you to alternative now when was during excavation works in egypt uncovered artifact called Stargate. Stargate is in fact very ancient device which enables human race to travel throught space in no time, but they soon discover that space is full of enemy alien race called Goauld, which in age of ancient Egypt ruled also on Earth. But there were successful slave rebellion, their goaudl ruler fled and stargate was buried. Now when earthlings opened gate Goauld remembered their defence, and wants to find way how to enslave or destroy Earth. In game you will lead team containing 4 members with specifical abilities to save worlds. Game should contain also multiplayer modes and map editor. JoWood Productions wants to release Stargate SG-1: The Alliance in 4th quartal this year. It will exist for PC, PS2 and Xbox platforms.


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