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Thursday, September 29, 2005

And money?

Who pays all those big teams of people who works year or more on one game? Yes, those who buy final product. But it is a little complicated. Some companies are selling their games for different prices all around world and they sell many copies, but some others dont see that to poor people they cant sell game for same price as to Americans or Europeans. And those loose because of people who has to copy their games for free. I have today a very good example: before 14 days i started to use program called Script ftp. It is tool made for automatization of ftp work. Pretty usable, but i will say, that experienced programmer will do it in day or two. I got suddenly message about registration. I looked on it, because i thought it is freeware. But i went to manufacturers (probably one man) page to look how much. And then screamed in shock, because this thing cost 40$. And then deleted it. For those money, it worth to me to learn how to made this ftp transactions i need from command line and then run it as script directly. If it cost 10-15 i will pay, but in this situation? Dont know how much people will do same thing, but i guess many.


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