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Monday, October 24, 2005

How are games made 9

Now it is time for betatesters. All work on game is completed, and testers should discover any bugs in program, report them and developers team are to repair them. Of course, some of them will remain undiscovered and will be reported by players. Than team will repair them, and release patches for them, but this is still future. Now is announced official date of releasing, probably with press conference, celebration, raut and more. Some journalists are now allowed to play game, talk freely with team members, take photos.. But they have to promise, that those information will make public at certain time. (of course, nobody will trust only words, it is paper contract to be signed, with penalties if broken.) Game distributor is making advertising, and of course in moment when betatesters says its clean, some factory will begin to manufacture CDs (or DVDs) with game, printing it and packing into boxes.


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