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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Online gaming: Leveling

There are 2 different ideologies about how to take high level with your character. One says: Kill as strong creatures as you can. It will give you much experiences, but at cost of high risk of dying. Compared with killing creatures at your level you will also gain more gold from each, better things etc. But you will attack one monster for even more than minute, running around, using mana or health pots etc. Second way how to take exps says: Atack weaker monsters. You will get less exps, things and money from each, but together, considering you are killing them fast, they can give you same (or only slightly less) exps like high level monsters, and there isnt risk of dying. Even high level PKERS (Player killers) are going much less into areas for lower level players, because they have better loot from bodies of murdered high levels. And low level pker is the 1 you can ignore, when you are at higher level than he is. But do not underestimate low level players. They can have powerfull friends, or even can be at high level wearing only low level things. (Its really surprize when pker atacks somebody who looks to be at lvl 40, and sec later this char wears his normal 100 lvl gear, and burns pker into smoking patch. At least i love that.)


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