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Saturday, June 25, 2005

About Quake 4

On server TechSpot apperared prewiew of Qake4. Lets look about it. Quake4 is being developed by Raven Software studio, which should be guarantee if good piece of action. Just remember Heretic, Hexen II, and Soldier of Fortune serie, they have enough experiences with meat and blood. And about game itself. Q4 should be practically continuation of Quake2, with strong single player story. You will take person of soldier Matthew Kane from Rhino Squad. (wow, previous soldiers were unnamed) But your life wont be easy. Ship on which you are onboard is to be shot down by stroggs, they kill all your comrades, and capture you. Marines will came to rescue you, but it is a bit late, because stroggs implanted Chip into Kanes brain, whichj makes you hafl human half strogg being. As obvious because of it, you will be much faster, harder (scooter, heh joke? Yes, i cannot sustain this chance) and stronger. And will be more than welcomed help to theirs (human) warriors. You will be killing stroggs everywhere that bastard aliens are. And they are on many places. But dont panic, good gun, and plenty of ammounition will send every ugly alien to hell where it belongs. And on dakr places you can hold in one arm gun, and in other light, so dont worry about darkness. Game will of course contain also multiplayer modes, but nothing extra is known about it. Raven still says that game will be released at end of this year.


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