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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

About games

Hia, i got some idea about what to talk today. How it is possible that games distributor is selling one game for so different prices sround the world? How it is possible that in one country same game cost $50, and in other $20 or $10? Is it because of that its manufacturing and distribution cost about $1, (including cd press, manual, box, somebody who packs it into box, driver who takes it into shop..) Than they adds $2-3 for advertising, (for bigger games they dont need, because of enough fanatics who know when game will be released, they do advertising for them for free.) (Remember GTA: San Andreas? than you know what i am talking about.) and all other $ are profit. Difference between prices in USA and other countries is simple way how to get more money from game. It works, that in US is game released first. There is much of rich boys (or poor, but what they have to do when they wants to play it?) who usually buy it day or two after rleasing, and after week or so, most of expenses with developing game are paid. Than is time for all around world cheaper versions for nations who cant bled dry as Americans. For countries where if game cost $50 or even $30 nobody will buy it.


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