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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Some nubers about gaming

Today we can look on some interesting numbers in gaming industry. In US grown in first half of the yera gaming industry (including hardware and software) by nice 21%. Greatest share on itt have GTA: San Andreas, and handheld Nintendo DS. But there was also fall, in market with consoles it is 6%, and with games more tahn 10%.
Economic state was also announced by Electronic Arts, which told that they have in first quartal gain of 365 milions $, but this is 16% less than year before. From their games were bestsellers Medal of Honor European Assault and Battlefield 2 (both of them sold more than milion pieces, battlefield broken this line two weeks after releasing) And they also sold about half-milion of Batman, MVP Baseball 2005, FIFA Street and Need for Speed Underground 2. Wish them good luck.


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