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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Online gaming

Lately is becoming still more and more popular idea to play games online, with real people instead of preprogramed bots. It it lightly acceptable that friend can shot enemy better than artifically inteligent (dumb) piece of software. But why it is spreading online games now? Why not some years ago, or in future? Answer is simple: its because of internet becoming available in nearly all around the world. Until it, playing online was possible only as multiplayer through net, what effectively limited it to schools, scientifical nets, big companies and so. (You think scientists and professors dont play? With my friend we made remake of old tuneller, and he presented it to his professor as seminary work. Than followed question: What is it? Game. And what new is in it? It can be played through net. And ten minutes after this speech went friend home with best grade he can have from that work, and 8 professors were riding their tanks shooting themselves like madmen.) But those games usually can support only few (8 or 16 at most) people together, run without servers (one computer where game was running served as server) and have more technical shortages. To be continued..


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