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Sunday, October 02, 2005

How are made games?

In first time, there have to be some idea, some think how game should look, how should be played, what type it should be and probably what should be story game is based upon. Most time, it is one person who have those ideas, and that person probably think about it for some time. Than gets his notes, and goes to some games producing company, and hopes they will not cheat him, and not throw him out of door, while their best people would think about game with another name, and only coincidentally similar to that one he has in head. Nearly nobody has success in first palce where he goes, so that person goes throught many pruducers, maybe with pauses, when he lets his ideas growth, and then goes back.. Until his idea is accepted. (We are not talking about many probably good games which not have chance givcen to them.) Continue..


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