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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is delayed. New date of releasing should be 30.10.2007. Aouw, that is too far, im waiting for this game.

As allways, 20 people are working year (years) on safety (this time of HD DVDS) and than, after releasing thousands of smart rippers discover how to decrypt it within weeks. And they didnt even had work with breaking throught of protections, to obtain key was easy.. Now some HD movies are free to download on p2p networks.

PlayStation 3 will be released in Europe 23.3.2007, but for beginning, there should be available only 60 gb hdd version.

Burning Crusade, datadisk for WoW have absolute record in selling. In 1 day was sold 2,4 milions of copies.

UT 2007 is changing name to Unreal Tournament 3.

America's Army, free war multiplayer game is being played by 8 milion people.


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