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Monday, September 12, 2005

Online gaming 2

So, we talked lately why is now possible to make big online games, that it is because of mass spreading of internet. Lets talk more about it. Next problem was with servers, because when online (multiplayer) gaming wasnot commercial, many people wanted to play, but wery few do something for it, and to have dedicated server, where will run only that game was nearly impossible. Than few years ago started internet becoming available to more people. There were big problems with connection players together. Lines were slow. For example before ten years most of states were connected together with less than Mbit. So ideas of sending online graphical data were doomed. In that time were already known MUDs (Multi User Dungeon) which usually worked throught protocol telnet, and contained only text. They looked terribly, but many people played them. Like them, it was decided, that graphical online game must consist of server where all game effects were counted (attacks, defence, movement, npc reactions) where is send data from all Client computers where graphics are installed and on which you really sit and play. It works that client sends to server data like standing on grid 11,2 looking in direction 270 and running. Server gains those data from all players, and sends back reply data like on grid 11,3 is player 8 which just hit you for x lives. (server counted your and his movement, his attack and your defence, which result is you are hit for some damage..) To be continued...


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