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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Online Gaming 4

I said last time that some online games becoming to be in some thing as real as real reality is. It is based on psychological principe saying that everything in which believes many people is real, works like it was real. In WWII said German minister of propaganda, that thousend times repeated lie becomes to be truth. And so game in which believes many people is for them real. (Remember, there was affair somewhere in the east, where one player killed another because of the second stolen his equipment.) And because game world is to its player real, they can now also really work throught it. For example when you know how to obtain piece of equipment which is rare and wanted, you can get $$ for it. And also advanced characters are being sold for big prices. (even more than 1000$) Thinking where this came is not happy. I think that many science fiction forecasts where is said that humanity become so much addict on games, that forgotten to live and died out can be real in some time. Just hope that there will remain at least little group of people who wouldnt play and who will survive.


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