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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

About how are made games 3

So, we are in time when commision of games producing company said yes to game project. Leader of team them usually gets its former co workers to start working on game. so they are together. graphics are starting to work on how graphics of came should look. programmers start on thinking about game engine (wheather they should make their own graphical engine, artificial inteligence, algorytms, or they should buy or license those things from other companies. Or when producer is big, they consider if they are to develop new ones, or to use already existing for free, how they will look after one (three) years from they were used as and got prize Best graphical engine ever seen.) Programmers than also gives his demands for better machines. (I also know this, in time last years ago, when i made one game for my with my friend, (he made it as his doctor work) we screamed long time to one another, which comp will be enough to prepare pre rendered 3d graphics. count, that when you need 20 scenes prerendered from 40 positions each, you wouldnt need 800 rendered pictures. it will be twice more at best, you can be sure, that even when you are sure its ok, some scenes wouldnt match, etc..) (tommorow)


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