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Thursday, September 15, 2005

TES: Oblivion

I think that there are very few players who are not expecting new part in The Elder Scroll serie called Oblivion with hope. Lets shorten waiting by talking about it. It will be in same world as Morrowind, but when you are the only one who didnot played it, it wont miss you, because Oblivion has its own story. All is going about falling empire of Tamriel, when emperor has been killed by mysterious forces. There will start appearing demons, and guess who will have to take care about them. Yes, you!
There will be 21 skills in game, (7 battle, 7 magic and 7 stealth).
Into game engine is integrated physical havok engine.
NPCs have artificial iq, (not artificial senility hope) which allows them to act like living persons.
You will can rida a horse, npcs also, and they can steal your horse.
And arrows will act like real arrows, which means they wont fly throught stone, but throught wood they will.


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