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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Authors of manhunt blamed for murder.

Just some months after affair around Grand Theft auto: Vice City mission "Kill all the Haitians" dies away Has Rock Star Games a new accusation. This time for their brutal action called Manhunt. In Great Britain Blamed them parrents of Stefan Pakeerah for death of their son, killed lately by seventeen years old boy, alleged player of manhunt. He murdered their son by same type of hammer which is often used in manhunt. To BBc said Stefan's mother: "Just look what Warren made to Stefan and compare it with in that game, you have to see some relationship." Stefan's father was more concrete "Stefan's death is similar to that game, and if game can affect children this way, it should be drawn from shops." Company Dixons immediately and definitely drawn manhunt from their shops.

Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition

Atari made for this autumn special package for all favourers of UT2004. Special edition called Editor's Choice Edition will contain some new maps for onslaught mode, new characters, vehicles and some of best fan modes.
New vehicles are: cikada, small flying special for two, heavy tank Paladin and Self-Propelled Mobile Artillery (SPMA), heavy self propelled long-range gun. Six new characters are two MetalGuard volunteers, two Skaarj mechs, and two Necris. Fan modes come from contest called "Make Something Unreal" sponsored by nvidia. Special edition will be selled for full price, containing all of UT2004, Those who already bought UT2004 can download all those new things throught internet for free.

WWII Fighter Pilot

Merscom LLC is preparing new flight simulator. It wouldnt need to read big manual book to use ultrarealistic controls. Over pacific will be cruel fights, during them will be machineguns glowing red, and sharks full. All fighters and bombers will be easily controlled by mouse or keyboard. As proud american you will shoot down japaneese zeros from the sky , by bombs sinking their ships and sitting in aa gun defending your own forces. There will be around twenty missions on differents airports and carriers.

Doom3 uncompatible with win 98

Oficialy confirmed by Activision representatives is message, that doom 3 would run only on windows 2000 and XP.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

New counter-strike to be downloaded

It is conversion of counter-strike into 2d. You can play solo or multipalyer throught one of many servers. to download visit pages of manufacturer:

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hardware needs of Half-life 2

Chief of Valve Software Gabe Newell annouced hardware requirements of of their new game halflife 2. Minimal computer will be 1,2 ghz processor, 256 mb ram and graphic card supporting directx 7.0 and optimal should be 2,4 ghz, 512 mb ram and support of directx 9. It seems that nearly everyone will be able to play halflife.

Fallout 3 will be made by Bethesda Softworks

After bankruptcy of interplay we lost hope to play fallout 3, but now Bethesda Softworks known for creating The elder Scrolls serie, announced that they will make it. But original face of fallout would be probably lost, because bethesda wants to use their 3d engine from morrowind. All of us will now have to wait until releasing first pictures.

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