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Monday, October 23, 2006

Neverwinter nigths 2 soon

Newewinter Nights 2 is completed, and will be released soon. Hope thet is true, cant wait for it.

Titan Quest will obtain datadisk. It should be released in Q1 2007.

Second datadisk for Warhammer: Dawn of War is nearby. It will be released soon.

In Q3 Intel made profit "only" 1,3 bilion of dollars. Year before in same time they got 2 bilions.

Worldwide uses Internet Explorer 86% of users. Firefox have 11,5%, and is expected that IE7 will draw more people to Microsoft. Hm, maybe worldwide, but in Europe uses FF more than 33% of people, and Explorer is somewhere about 50%, as i seen latest stats.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How to play online I

Beware, this article shouldent be about how to shoot somebody in CS (or another FPS) but just little howto about RPGs. Most of them are fantasy, so you will play knight, mage etc. But: How to start? And how not became addict? I remember there was affair about RPGs few years ago, when one boy borrowed character from another, than sold his sword (in game) and original owner took real sword, and gutted that second boy like fish. It gave big arguments into hands of people who need to forbid everybody everything. They immediately took opinion, that all games are bad, and its needed to forbid them. Fortunately those people are only minority, so games still goes on. So, what you need to do, if want play something with real people, instead of computer opponents only? First choose what to play. Pretty good is, when you have in that game friend, with advanced character. He can advise you how to start, where to go. GIve you money (strong characters in all games earns hundred times more gold than weak. If you got 10 golds from creature on level 1, you can be sure, that your friend when kills creatures on 50 or more gain in few seconds thousands. Same is situation with equipment. If you need good equip for level say 10, its hard for you. But friend on 50 can go and kill creatures dropping equip you need like chickens.) So, first recomendation is: As first online RPG try game, where you have some friends. After you have soem experiences, you may try more games, make there new friends etc. But as noob follow somebody more experienced. To read game manual also isnt bad. It gives you idea, if that game really is, what you want to play. Cause it can contain things you would hate (such as game graphics style, efects, maps, character classes) and such game is nonsense even to try. (huh, i thought about making little article, and it went a little longer. i will cut it into parts..)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Caesar IV

CD Projekt finished works on long time expected title: Caesar IV is ready to be released. Hm, that is nice.. They worked on it for long time.. But i heard from friends which already had chance to play it, that whole game is shitty. One of them, really big fan of caesar serie told me, that game looks nice, all graphics are cool, good music. But it cant be played. He said that after few hours he decided to delete it from hdd, and installed old Caesar III instead. But i still cant wait, until i will see it throught my own eyes.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hey, nothing about games today?

No, but it will be only a little thought about hardware and software. Its only few days since Nvidia announced their new mobile High end gpu chip. Its name is GeForce Go 7950 GTX, and it will be leader of group of chips manufactured by 90 nm process. By Nvidia will chip eat only 45 W, which is really good. (chip, what will take rest of card? emmories etc..) And second is thought about prepared Windovs Vista. About their 3D enviroment. Its nice that you can turn all your windovses into different angles, its wonderfull that you can place it one over another. But ill bet, that 9 of 10 users will made horrible desktop, not usable to abything. Why? Because it is good idea to transform desktop into 3d, and use gpu to compute it, instead of cpu. But you can still have same desktop, only made by another chip in computer.. Or you can made mess of rotated windovs, which will load both, cpu and gpu to 100% at office work.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Settlers 6

Ubisoft oficially announced that they (Blue Byte for them) is now working on settlers 6. Amazing number of parts, but without changes which force old players to leave. Settlers are still better and better. Maybe because of still same team do them, and Blue Byte dont want to destroy their child. Sory, didnt find any pictures about.. probably arent released yet.

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