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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gaming news

Crytek set another team in Kyjev. Already working on game based on CryEngine2.

Raven software is working on another Wolfenstein. But game will be available throught year 2008.

Microsoft have ready to release FPS action based on Shadowrun. Hm, that may be interesting, lets wait how it will look.

Happytree friends game? Good idea, but make is as puzzle? Dont know if THAT is good idea.

And also Simpsons will appear in game. Dont destroy springfileds powerplant Homie..

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pepole in USA are really mad

After some masacres at schools, student created map for Counter Strike, showing his school. And what than happend? He was investigated by police, and than (after found innocent) kicked out of school. Poor chinese boy.. His problem is probably fact, that mad Cho Sung Hu played CS also. Now US society believes, that everybody playing CS is potencial insane multi killer.
Btw, about Cho Sung:
Fact a) he shouldnt been there. His parrents should remain in Korea, Cho should cultivate rice (or what) and all can be happy, including 30 innocent people.
Fact b) He was deffinitelly not 100% normal, but think he wouldnt do what he did, under another circumstances. He was like rat in corner, poor animal, whom nobody feed, nobody pet, only kick into it. Think its nice to have fun, when schoolmate talks strange english, but to dig at him few years must result in violence. Only common people solve this by punching few noses, not killing people.
Fact c) who read his plays? I did it.. Ya, they are violent, but showing pure life. Life where people dont like you, real life, which sucks. Think if Cho ddint turned insane, he may be great writer one day. There is so much truth, so much pain. (Btw, in US schools there are counsellors everywhere (even in South Park), why wastn such student with ruptures soul sent there?)
Fact d) Its really sad what happend, but think most people just relax playing violent games.. Nobody knows how ¨much of those (now) innocent people can go insane, and shoot real people, if they dont abreact self by shooting virtual people.

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