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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Game news

Halo 3 brought extreme profit to Microsoft. During first week after releasing this game earned more than 300 000 000 dollars. And it also helped to sell much more X boxes. Must say, its really amazing, but reminds me moment, when pretty big brotherhood waited for Oblivion. And to be honest, i bought it first day after releasing, and didnt played to end till now.

Because of demand of customers, Microsoft will sell Windows xp till summer 2008. They want to stop it at January, but many customers still want it. (I also dont like Vistas, think they demand too much of system memory, and bring no advantages at all.

Because of big sucess of Apple iPhone have another manufacturer of mobile devices Palm big problems.

Electronic Arts preparing pack called Command and Conquer Saga, which should cost 50 dollars and contain 13 Command and Conquer games. Each fan already have them, but for new players this can be interesting.

Pc version of Gears of War should be ready to release at November 6th.

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