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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ghost Record Advanced Warfighter

Ubisoft ofically announced, that they are developing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Information confirmed name of game, because its content is already known some weeks. Ghost Recon is serie of military actions. First part was available to owners of pc, second was only on console, and now finaly comes third, which will be again usable on pc. Singleplayer campaign will be in year 2013 in mexico. We will see game in body of captain Scott Mitchell, and because captain is hard man, we will take really hard missions, such as finding of stolen nukes, protecting Us President, or destruction of dangerous militant terrorists group. In game will be also multiplayer but nothing about it known. Game should be released at december, and is supposed that Ubisoft will really try to release it until christmas.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

About Quake 4

On server TechSpot apperared prewiew of Qake4. Lets look about it. Quake4 is being developed by Raven Software studio, which should be guarantee if good piece of action. Just remember Heretic, Hexen II, and Soldier of Fortune serie, they have enough experiences with meat and blood. And about game itself. Q4 should be practically continuation of Quake2, with strong single player story. You will take person of soldier Matthew Kane from Rhino Squad. (wow, previous soldiers were unnamed) But your life wont be easy. Ship on which you are onboard is to be shot down by stroggs, they kill all your comrades, and capture you. Marines will came to rescue you, but it is a bit late, because stroggs implanted Chip into Kanes brain, whichj makes you hafl human half strogg being. As obvious because of it, you will be much faster, harder (scooter, heh joke? Yes, i cannot sustain this chance) and stronger. And will be more than welcomed help to theirs (human) warriors. You will be killing stroggs everywhere that bastard aliens are. And they are on many places. But dont panic, good gun, and plenty of ammounition will send every ugly alien to hell where it belongs. And on dakr places you can hold in one arm gun, and in other light, so dont worry about darkness. Game will of course contain also multiplayer modes, but nothing extra is known about it. Raven still says that game will be released at end of this year.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Alpha Prime

People from Gameguru Mania takled with member of Black Element Software developement team, about their prepared action Alpha Prime. It should be First person seen scifi action heavily based on story. (It isnot sure wheater game will conatin any multiplayer form.)
Story of Alpha Prime will taky us into heavilly defended mine. You should determine yourself why is place defended, and why are you here. Locations should be very different, game will run on engine Engorce2. You will probably met troubles with gravitation, and different times. Game should be released at middle of next year.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gamenews mix

Today without talking about only one signle game, just mix of games news.

Jowood announced that in their prepared SG-1: The aliance we will hear voices of serial actors. Richar Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neal), Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), Amanda Tapping (samantha Carter) and Christopher Judge (Teal'c').

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Anoounced that they sold worldwide over 90 000000 of their game console Playstation 2. Most of them in Northern America (over 36M), Europe (32M) and Asia (about 21M).

Valve throught Steam updated Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. Update brought some bug patches.

And to end, some good news for those who plays Ultima Online. Is prepared another expansion called Mondain§s Legacy. It will contain new elf race, and also more enemies, dungeons and skills. Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy will be released at the end of august.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Stargate SG:1-The Alliance

Heart of evrey fan on legendary serial Stargete SG1 should be pleased by reading info about prepared game Stargate SG1-The Alliance. Game will take you to alternative now when was during excavation works in egypt uncovered artifact called Stargate. Stargate is in fact very ancient device which enables human race to travel throught space in no time, but they soon discover that space is full of enemy alien race called Goauld, which in age of ancient Egypt ruled also on Earth. But there were successful slave rebellion, their goaudl ruler fled and stargate was buried. Now when earthlings opened gate Goauld remembered their defence, and wants to find way how to enslave or destroy Earth. In game you will lead team containing 4 members with specifical abilities to save worlds. Game should contain also multiplayer modes and map editor. JoWood Productions wants to release Stargate SG-1: The Alliance in 4th quartal this year. It will exist for PC, PS2 and Xbox platforms.

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