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Friday, November 24, 2006

How to play online 5

Beware of cheaters, they are everywhere. Just today morning one of scamming bastards was trying to scam my friend. He was pretending hes game admin, and that he need friends account details, to check something at his acc. And after that, he was threatening, that he will ban his account. Of course it was only cheater, not real admin, but it was test of perception. Ill bet that within day or two he will find hit victim, and rob whole char. Real admins a) dont need to ask you about password, if they need it, they will just look into database. B) their own unique attributes, say special face, special name, special abilities. Dont believe somebody who dont have those. And all those, cause maybe some cheater discovered hot to make admins name for example, but not look as admin should, and cant do what admin can. Really beware, dont give you account name or password to anybody you dont know, and dont trust. Cheaters are all around. Another nice trick is to make character with name similar to name of your husband of wife, and to pretend hes your spouse. Many people will give their data to such bastard. (and of course, 5 minutes ago they are naked and poor) Just sy it once again. your password is sacred, dont give it to anybody you dont trust.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Few game news..

Half Life 2: Episode 2 will be late. It is now being palned to be released in next years summer.

Steam will distribute more games: Medieval II: Total War, RACE - The Official WTCC Game, Heroes of Annihilated Empires.

Datadisk for Battle for Middle Earth 2 starategy is finished, but when they will releasi ti, that is the question.

best seller games in USA are: The Sims 2 Pets, Neverwinter nights 2 and Battlefield 2142.

Fireglow (team which created for example Sudden Strike) have 2 new branches, they will develope online games. Just hope good ones...

And that is all for now.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

How to play online IV

Basic leveling.. In most games advanced players can help you to get onto some decent lvl by way they accept you int group, and than they go kill strong creatures (for you strong, they kill them like chickens) and you got much experiences. Even in games where this way of leveling noobs issnt supported (noob is low leveled newcomer, who dont know much about game) you will get much exps, because of numbers of killed beasts. (I played once something, where level differences between characters in group xould be max 8 lvls. But when group started 8 lvl, added 1 lvl nooby and 15 lvl damager, they could immediatelly go to lvl 10 creatures, and even with negative bonus exp this way you could do lvl 10 within 10 minutes at most. Manually it took 2 hours..) So, its all about how experiences are being distributed in different games. Not only when somebody lvls you, its about your own work.. Different games uses different ways of exp gains. Some games gives you few exps for hitting creatures, and much for killing it.. Easy way how to lvlup there is to ask friend to hit such monster, and than jump off.. and you can nearly dead creature finish, and have exps. In games where you got only few exps from killing, but much more from each his its harder. Either got some decent equip and help from friend and kill them by hand, or go to creatures which can your friend kill easilly, and let him kill thousands of them. This is one of reasons, why go to game where you have friends, but its not the only way. In most of games are people friendly, and to question: Please, im new here, how can i do this or that.. thay will respond. But pls, be nice to them.. dont demand something, or beg when they ignore you. Just find somebody who will have time to talk with you, and that let him to explain you how to do everything. And maybe he will help you even with some finances or equip. (If you feel rich, when you picked up 10000 gold (or silver, dollars, coins, no matter of name) on lvl 5, count that character on lvl 50-60 is probably poor when have only hundreds of thousands in local currency. So they can help you, of course, and if you are nice to them, thay will probably do it.. But demanding money: You must give me, cause you are rich and im poor.. will probably end that this guy will chop your head off, and maybe will remember you for long tima as bastard, who should be ignored or killed on sight.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

How to play online III

OKi, so you now know which game you wnat to play, have downloaded (bought) game client, installed, configured etc. Next step is to create character you will play. In some games it is easy (say only 2-3 different jobs, no races, no abilities, no stats) in others you will see big tables of different stats, pictures of humans, elves, orcs.. This allows to create much more personal character, but because you dont know what those numbers means, count your first char will be probably useless. Final step in creating character is name. In most games are forbidden rude words, so characters named "asshole" or "fucker" will be probably soon deleted by admins. And there is one more thing.. You cant change name later, so choose wisely. Absolutelylast will be question, if you really want to create such character. Answer yes will bring you into game. (to be continued)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some news:

Sony is selling in Japan ultralight version of theri Vaio notebook. Model "G" with 12.1" display weights only 898 grams.

Xbox 360 have now 6 milions users. Until end of year 10M users expected.

nintendo plans to sell (until end of year) 4 milions of their new console Wii. There is already 62 games for it.

Whole internet should contain more than 100 000 000 webs (most of them from more than 1 page) incredible number.

November 14th will Intel introduce their new 4 core processor to market. How will this help gamers? Nothing, software isnt optimalised to use even 2 cores.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Desperate Housevives, something like sims.

Desperate Housevives, famous serie will be formed into sims like game. You will command your own woman, create her life. It may seems same like Sims, but this will be probably game for women and girls. But it can be funny, because storry was written by same screenwriters as tv serie. Youll have to satisfy needs of your character, make her life better, maybe some love.. Lets wait how it will look.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How to play online II

Hey, im here again, didnt died, didnt lost. Only was sick, so i cant write. SO, lets talk again about those online games. First i said, try game where you have friend, but maybe i should say: First try game which is for free. That is because most people become addict on online games, so try first such game, which wouldnt attack your wallet. Or at least not from beginning. (Dont mean trial time, which some games offer, you will surely play longer, and than got bill.) In many games, there are possibility how to buy some items from game creators. Its easy, they provide game for free, but they have to get money somehow. Think, this is the best way, because you dont have to buy this, its possible to play long time and make good char and good equip on it, without paying single $. (I know it, i was playing half a year, before invested real money into my char. And she wasnt underequipped, at that moment, she had better things than many players around.) There is also much easier way, how to have good char, with top quality equip. To buy it from player who wants to leave game (or just want to earn money..) but there are some problems: A) security risk.. Most games have some secondary password, id, throught which can original owner still access account. Even if you change password. That means if you meet scammer (or just say thief) he will give you his character, and take it back in hours or days. And you lost your own real money. B) Money.. They arent easy to earn, so you shouldnt spend them easily. And high level char with good gear cost hundreds of $. And of course, top level char witch excelent things cost surely more then thousand of bucks. c) Unexperienced. Not char, you. You would buy it, and dont know anything about how to play high level char. You will probably spend much time learning where to go, what to kill, how to earn enough game money to repair your things etc. And finally d) You dont know anything about your new characters history. Even if you succesfully bought it, you dont know, if just that char isnt well known cheater, pker or scammer. You may be surprized that unknown people will kill you with words "You know why" or "Revenge" or such. Or just dont want to trade with you, take you into team or guild, or even dont talk with you. Ya, there are many problems with bought characters. (To be continued..)

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