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Monday, October 31, 2005

Wild West Duel

Tvým úkolem je probít se do westernového městečka, kde je uvězněný Jack. 14x ti cestu zkříží tři desperáti, kteří se tě snaží dostat podle pravidel divokého západu. Svými klamavými pohyby zastírají jeden, kterým se tě pokusí dostat. Ty musíš na tento pohyb včas zareagovat a vystřelit dřív, než tě desperát sejme. Pokud zastřelíš desperáta při jeho klamavém pohybu ztrácíš jeden ze tří životů. Pokud se necháš sejmout tak ve hře okamžitě končíš.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

How are games made 13

After another month(s) when game is being patched to work on all computers using all possible versions of drivers, in all situations, all work is going to end. Distributor is counting money, probably now nearing line between gain and loss (and maybe game is so successfull that he have already profit from it). Players are playing it, and they are happy that it contain less bugs than when released. (but there is one basic rule saying, that every program have at least one bug, and trying to remove it will create bug somewhere else.) Teamleader says good work to every member, and they go home, wait for another new idea, another ghame to make.

Friday, October 28, 2005

How are games made 12

Players went home, installed game on their PCs and discovered more bugs, problems and strange things than anybody expected. Probably it is distributor who is recieving thousands of mails starting with strong words about problems. (It is common, that game is released in version where some bug dont allow play it to end.) Distributor is getting those mail, and sending it directly to makers. And between it he is screaming at team leader, what eediots he taken as testers, that they can not mention such big problems. In week or so are some of major bugs repaired, patch to be downloaded. (Of course, first to repair are bugs which dont allow you play to end, than AI, graphic, sound.. ant other else.) programmers are working 25 hours a day.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How are games made 11

And now is coming that glorious day. Game is officially released. Probably from night waited fans before shops. There is really big show about it, comparable with premiere of film. But team already knows about bugs, problems with special hardware, some scenes and places which were forgotten, but still exists in final version (because everybody forgot to remove them). There are situacions when their artificial intelicgency acts like artificial stupidity, and more. They are now working on patches which will repair this. Distributor is happy or unhappy watching numbers of sold copies. And players are going home with their new great game.

How are games made 10

Another month or so. All CDs are made, printed and packed into boxes. And within those boxes are now distributed to local warehouses, from which can be easilly distributed into shops. Last few days of hot advertising before big premiere. Programmers usually now works on first patch, because in this moment, when game is to be released, they disscovered some critical bugs, and because all CDs are already made, its content cant be changed. Also when is expected that game will be successful enough to make datadisk, team is starting working on it. Producer is in public happy, full mouth of success, but privately he think: If we dont sell at least X copies, it will be great loss of money. (and of course also prestige, which probably counts more than money itself.) But great day will be tommorrow, not today.

Monday, October 24, 2005

How are games made 9

Now it is time for betatesters. All work on game is completed, and testers should discover any bugs in program, report them and developers team are to repair them. Of course, some of them will remain undiscovered and will be reported by players. Than team will repair them, and release patches for them, but this is still future. Now is announced official date of releasing, probably with press conference, celebration, raut and more. Some journalists are now allowed to play game, talk freely with team members, take photos.. But they have to promise, that those information will make public at certain time. (of course, nobody will trust only words, it is paper contract to be signed, with penalties if broken.) Game distributor is making advertising, and of course in moment when betatesters says its clean, some factory will begin to manufacture CDs (or DVDs) with game, printing it and packing into boxes.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Those who will share movie before it goes to cinema

will have big problems. So said us judges, in US. All sentences for those who will share unreleased artwork will rise by 40%, and there will be also space for even heavier and longer jail, when you will share more those works. MPAA and RIAA also forced judges to define upload, which now allows them to take legal proceedings against them who allows other persons to download from them. Bad times for sharing networks.

Friday, October 21, 2005

How are games made 8

Now its 1/2 or 3/4 year after starting the project. Nearly all from programmers is completed. They have complete physical engine, they have all routines, they have AI. They are now working on debugging and hope all is working as supposed. (But they know, that if game wont be finished and released soon, all their solutions will became old, and much of them will have to be remade.) Graphics have also most of work finished, they are now working on less and less important details. (for example, probably there are now only half or so persons (soldiers, buildings) made in needed details, last of them are only as paintings, or photos. They are now in game substitued by those who are finished. (for example, all tanks hae different abilities, but they looks nearly similar. probably on same graphical model is only written battletank X11, because model of x11 doesnot exist yet.) storywriter is finished, so animators (who cannot now animate models which still doesnot exist) and also person who was writing music have ended. Chief of team together with producers have full mouth of words like: Best graphic ever seen, Amazing story, Most persons in game, Best AI. And they are very quiet about that you will need new computer to move game at least very slow. They are lookong for distributor, and hoping that game will be ready in termin they said.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Just wait

I need today to leave house, so no new part of how are games made will be avialable now. Just please wait, it will be out tommorrow. Why am i writing this here? its because i feel, that left without single worl is not fair to all who are going here to read my articles.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How are games made 7

hey, finally i got time to continue our serie about how are made games. It is some months from last moment. Programmers adding into game engine more and more advanced functions. Animators have animated many of characters, and other noving things. Graphics have detail paintings of all interiors and exteriors. Storywriter have nearly all details completed. It is still probable that finally will all of them rebuild all they have done until now, but now, they all think they made good work and are now working on getting all pieces together. More and more journalists are shown pictures from game, interviews are made for different game magazines. Only leaders of team together with producers fears about money, because game is still more and more behind plane. (all games are late, it is law)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Steven Spielberg will work on games

Director who is holding oscars, Steven Spielberg will work on some games together with Electronics Arts. Speilberg said, that he is already playing EA games for some time, and he is now happy to cooperate with them. Expected is that he will create for players some new amazing worlds where they can play. Laet wait what will be from it, how it will look and how it will be played.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sea of chaos

Hey, it is hard to believe, bud today i found good game which is for free. And doesnot look bad, it was made by student of informatics as his semestral work, and he build in much of advanced technologies. It is about Bloody pirates in time of sial ships. Although sometimes reality isnot much real, (handling of big ship, like small boat) but you will probably enjoy playing. And there is: link for download page.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Sorry, today i want to give out next part of talking about how are made games, but i somewhere lost it, and am now so tired, that i cannot write it now again. so please be patient, it will be tommorrow here. (of course, just in case that there wouldnt be news about some new game, but because tommorrow will be sunday, it seems unprobable to me.)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Dreamfall: The longest Journey

Game Dreamfall: the Longest Journey Is being currently prepared by Funcom. It will be epic adventure based on world of longest journey. It should be finished soon, but no more is known. (I will try to add here some pictures from it, dont be angry when it wont work, it is for first time.) Official pages

Thursday, October 13, 2005

How are games made 6

Another month or two later. Programmers probably have first samples of game engine. At this phase probably without many advanced functions, but already working. Graphics added to them samples of textures, characters, buidings etc, so anybody is now able to look, how game will appear. Animators have also some videos finished, so you can play a little part of game, and look how it will look. Also storywriter probably have story and many other quests ready. All of them are happy, but team leader have problems with sponsors. They are screaming on him, that all work should be done faster. And simultaneously with it, they are probably looking for distributor, who will distribute game when it is finished. Also first interviews for gaming magazines are now made, and to jurnalists are showed first scenes from game. (next)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fable the lost chapters

CD Project company announced, that they will distribute game Fable: The lost chapters. It is continuation of famous game Fable on Xbox, made for PC, (fully optimalized for Windows) with more options of character changes, new quests, better graphics. In this unique RPG from Lionhead Studios you can do nearly everything, and all your acts affects your character. Link to oficial game site.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How are games made 5

So, now its month or so after start of work. All parts of developers are going to project leader with their ideas what is needed to be made, Nearly all of their ideas are rejected for different reasons. When writer have finished description how should look intro, outro and probably other game videos, animators are starting their work on it. Programmers have now first usable ideas how to made game engine and how will game work in mean of numbers. (How will work attack, defence, movement etc..) Graphics have pratially finished their presentation. (paintings on paper probably) (next)

Monday, October 10, 2005


HBO is doing nasty things to bittorrent network. They started to release their own torrents, which are damaged and cannot be downloaded. I will say, that in week or two there will be software which will mark those fake torrents to you, and say NOT DOWNLOAD.

What surprise, Duke Nukem Forever wont be released this year.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

How are games made 4

Sorry. I am really sorry, for that number of bad characters i have writtne in previous part of this serial. When i am trying to write fast, i am touching wrong keys, because of having big fingers, and small keyboard. I will try to repair this, but it will probably continue in each piece of text i will write. So, i am apologized, lets get back to our talking about how are made games. Next person in team is storywriter. His position is a little different in each team, because of which type of game they are doing. It is understandale, that in shooter, writers work ends when he explains enough why you are good, they are bad, and why they are ahooting at you. And for example in RPG, he have to invent main game story (consisting of many small steps, one after another) and at least hundreds of smaller quests, personal stories etc. (Remember Morrowind? than you know what am i talking about. there are thousands of NPCs and all have his presonal stories, they react on you, they wnat something from you..) And now they now think together about how made their job. At end of this phase, they have together one idea, and they are going to make first tryings. Graphics are going to make graphical proposals, how it should look, programmers have their head full of thoughts at routines, subroutines and difficulties with them, writer(s) is going to his desk make a long story from that short cocnept which he have now, and head of tema hopes that money given to them for their work will be enough. (continue tommorrow)

Friday, October 07, 2005

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Remember childhood, when all of us wanted to be bad man? A pirrate who have his ship full of gold and treasures? It will be now real with new game Pirates of the Burning Sea currently prepared by Flying Lab Software. It will be multiplayer game from Carribean in year 1720 in which time was real Carribean sea full of pirates. WE can choose side, (England, Spain, France or to be independent pirate) And then go to battles for glory. Lets hope it will work like old pirates, which were really good game.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Next Wolfenstein?

Today ID-Soft together with Activision considered they are working on continuation of Wolfenstein game. (Yes, next part based on first 3d first person game. Its good.) To be exact, they dont work on it, they have given that work to raven software, which are really experienced with fps. (soldier of fortune for example) Not much is known, except that story of this new Wolfenstein will bring us to time of WWII, behind enemy lines. Nazis are making their secret experiments here, so we are to determine what are they doing, and to stop them. Lets hope, that this game will be ready soon, and that my computer will be strong enough to move it fast.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

About how are made games 3

So, we are in time when commision of games producing company said yes to game project. Leader of team them usually gets its former co workers to start working on game. so they are together. graphics are starting to work on how graphics of came should look. programmers start on thinking about game engine (wheather they should make their own graphical engine, artificial inteligence, algorytms, or they should buy or license those things from other companies. Or when producer is big, they consider if they are to develop new ones, or to use already existing for free, how they will look after one (three) years from they were used as and got prize Best graphical engine ever seen.) Programmers than also gives his demands for better machines. (I also know this, in time last years ago, when i made one game for my with my friend, (he made it as his doctor work) we screamed long time to one another, which comp will be enough to prepare pre rendered 3d graphics. count, that when you need 20 scenes prerendered from 40 positions each, you wouldnt need 800 rendered pictures. it will be twice more at best, you can be sure, that even when you are sure its ok, some scenes wouldnt match, etc..) (tommorow)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

Namco Hometek oficially announced that in Black Hole Entertainment and Cinergi Interactive is being prepared new game from Warhammer world. It have name Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, and it will be realtime strategy from classical fantasy Warhammer. (not from Warhammer 40k like Dawn of War) It will be about war between empire, elves, chaos and skavens, also there will be orks, goblins, vampires and dwarfs. SO we can expect really big action. as is usual in rts, you will build buildings directly on battlefield, but unusual is, that what will be already there (bridges and similar) can be damaged (catapults) and also repaired. Lets wait how it will be in game.

Monday, October 03, 2005

How are games made 2

We ended in moment when original author gets support from any of producing companies. (he is not a milionaire, he dont have enough money) They probably ordered him some changes in his original idea, and then there are two ways. First, they give him money, to get together team which will develop that game. But its strongly inprobably that they will put money into unknown people. Second is that they order author to meet (one of) their developing team(s), to tell them about his idea. Head of developers tahn think about proposition, about how difficult will be to make this, how long it will take, how much it will cost. Than talks with producer, and he say definitely yes or no. (tommorrow)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

How are made games?

In first time, there have to be some idea, some think how game should look, how should be played, what type it should be and probably what should be story game is based upon. Most time, it is one person who have those ideas, and that person probably think about it for some time. Than gets his notes, and goes to some games producing company, and hopes they will not cheat him, and not throw him out of door, while their best people would think about game with another name, and only coincidentally similar to that one he has in head. Nearly nobody has success in first palce where he goes, so that person goes throught many pruducers, maybe with pauses, when he lets his ideas growth, and then goes back.. Until his idea is accepted. (We are not talking about many probably good games which not have chance givcen to them.) Continue..

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Latest news

Bill Gates given 40 milion dollars to school in Seattle where he former studied. Those money will be used as stipendium for poor students.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion will be on market before christmas.

Eidos announced, that game 25 To Life which should be released next month will be next year.

Windows Vista should be able to start in 3-4 seconds.

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