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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Seagate wnat manufacture SSDs

Solid State Drives (or Discs) are pretty interesting. They bid high speed, high reliability and they consume much less power that classical hard drives. But they also cost much more than hard drive, because of expensive flash memories inside. Now only 1 company is manufacturing both.. Samsung. And by latest news, Seagate want to join, because this is whole new area, and can probably generate big profit in future. They are now looking for supplier of flash chips for those new drives, so they probably mean this seriously. Hope its true, because of each new technology cost much, but if its massive used price goes down.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Some news

GTA4 will be late. It can be finished within year, so those who want it will have to wait.

Crysis should be released at november 16th.

I have seen first video about Fallout 3. Just hope it will be as good as first 2 Fallouts.. It seems pretty nice.

Microsoft hope that until end of year, there will be bilion computers using Windows. (Hope it wouldnt)

Sharp will build new factory in Japan. It will manufacture LCD displays, and will cost 3 bilions of dollars.

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